To tell the truth

Sag die Wahrheit (To tell the truth) is a TV quiz show in the German SWR in which multiple candidates tell unlikely stories. The jury has to guess, which one of these is true.


In the show in 2005, Lieven L. Litaer participated as a real Klingon teacher. The jury correctly guessed this being true.

The candidate does NOT speak Klingon
In the show of the 29th of February 2016, a woman claimed to be working as interpreter "between humans and Klingons" on conventions and also had developed a Klingon sign language. The jury guessed wrong in thinking it would be correct. (1)


1 : (de) Sag die Wahrheit SWR-Mediathek, show of 29th of February 2016, minute 24:00


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