The toast is a common kind of expressing a wish in Klingon, which in English starts with "may" most of the time.


The toast in Klingon is made by attaching the type-9 verb suffix -jaj; most of the time it can be translated with may. While in English the word may is put in the front of the sentence, the verb with the suffix -jaj has to be at the end, even if it violates the standard Klingon word order. (1)

Canon examples

Klingon English Source
batlh bIHeghjaj May you die in honor. TKW, p. 71
Dajonlu'pa' bIHeghjaj May you die before you are captured. TKW, p. 93
'IwlIj jachjaj May your blood scream. Conversational Klingon
wo' ghawran DevtaHjaj May Gowron continue to lead the Empire. KGT, p. 25

Exceptions in the Canon

Sakrej dialect

Speaker in the regions of Sakrej and No'hvadut don't put the verb with the -jaj-suffix at the end of the sentence and keep using the standard form object-verb-subject instead (2).

-jaj at the Noun

There is one strange canon example which seems to violate all rules, having a verb suffix attached to the noun:

Klingon English Source
ghIj qet jaghmeyjaj May your enemies flee in terror. TKW, page 65

A correct version for this phrase would be jaghmeylI' DaghIjjaj, qetjaj jaghmeylI'. The explanation is that the toast is very old and the grammar was different back then.

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1 , 2 : KGT, p. 25

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