the toe names

When the words for the toes were created, Marc Okrand relied on an old childrens poem(1).

Name description pun
marwI' big (first) toe this little piggy went to MARket
HomwI' second toe this little piggy stayed HOME
roSwI' third toe this little piggy had ROAST beef
nanwI' fourth toe this little piggy had NONE
Qay'wI' little (fifth) toe this little piggy CRIED


The verbs related to the toe names have meanings, basically "use the x-th toe", but they are also used in idiomatic phrases:
  • Pointing one's second toe at someone (typically an opponent or an enemy) with the other toes pointing downward is considered an insulting gesture; jaghwI'Daq jIHom. I claim my enemy is unworthy or weak.
  • The phrase pe'vIl roS use the third toe forcefully conveys the idea that someone is particularly agile or nimble or spry.
  • To say "I'm extremely angry", the phrase 'oy'qu' Qay'wI'wIj My little toe aches a lot is used.


The phrase vaDjaj yaDDu'lIj! May your toes be flexible is used to express good fortune wishes.

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1 : HolQeD 10:2, p. 7-11

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