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List of Klingon translations

This list of translations shows any running or finished translation projects of Terran literature into Klingon. See also software translated to klingon.

Finished Translations

Original title Klingon title Translator Started Finished Published
A Midsummer Night's Dream bov tuj botlh naj Shakespeare translation team ? ? no
Blood Will Tell (comic) ? Alan Anderson ? ? ?
Buffalo Dogs tangqa' targhmey Alan Anderson ? ? ?
Gilgamesh ghIlghameS Roger Cheesbro 1998 ? 2000
Hamlet The Klingon Hamlet Nick Nicholas, Andrew Strader ? ? 2000
mangHom qaD! (Comic) -- Alan Anderson and David Trimboli 1998 1998
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner chIjwI' tIQ bom Rhona Fenwick 2011 ? ?
Tao Te Ching pIn'a' qan paQDI'norgh Agnieszka Solska ? ? 2008
The Power of Words (Edgar Allan Poe) ? Agnieszka Solska ? ? ?
The Last Pastoral Hatlh bom Qav Robyn Stewart ? ? ?

Translations in Progress

Original title Klingon title Translator Started Progress
The Art of War ? Agnieszka Solska ? ?
Bible Klingon Bible Translation Bible translation team 2000 1%, sleeping
Kama Sutra The Klingon Kama Sutra Michael Roney, Jr. 2003 1%, sleeping
The Little Prince ta'puq mach Lieven L. Litaer 2004 99% completed
The Man in the Panther Skin mIl'oD veDDIr SuvwI' Rhona Fenwick 2012 85% completed
Romeo and Juliet romyo' julyet je Rhona Fenwick 2014 Act II.2 completed
The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas ? Alan Anderson ? ?
The Young Hunter wamwI' Qup Brad Wilson 2014 90% completed

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