Two letter words

Most Klingon words consist of one syllable with three letters, based on the structure CVC, consonant-vowel-consonant. (For details and exceptions, see phonology). Very few words consist of only two letters. Since a word can never start with a vowel, all of these two letter words end with a vowel. Prefixes are not listed here, since they all have only two letters.

# Word Type Translation Source
1 bo n. feather HolQeD
2 cha n. torpedoes TKD
3 Da v. behave as TKD
4 DI n. rubbish, debris, litter Addendum
5 Do n. speed TKD
6 gho n. circle TKD
7 ghu n. baby TKD
8 He n. course TKD
9 Hu n. zoo TKD
10 je adv. and / also, too TKD
11 jo n. resources TKD
12 lu v. fall (loss of status) KGT
13 po n. morning TKD
14 QI n. bridge mailing list
15 Qu v. cast (metal) qepHom'a'
16 ro n. trunk of body, torso TKD
17 Sa v. rhyme qep'a'
18 ta n. record TKD
19 tI n. vegetation TKD
20 va n. (curse) TKD
21 ya n. officer TKD
22 yu n. tone of music scale KGT
23 'a n. but TKD
24 'o n. Oh paq'batlh
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