Type 1 noun suffixes

Type 1 noun suffixes, refer to size/importance, and can only be attached to nouns:

Suffix meaning
-'a' augmentative
-Hom diminutive
-oy endearment


  • The KLI's annual meeting is called qep'a', lit. major meeting.
  • A girl, which is somehow less than a woman, is called be'Hom.
  • The daughter of chancellor Gorkon, Azetbur, called her father vavoy, i.e. daddy. (1)

Background information

The suffix -oy is the only syllable in Klingon starting with a vowel. It was created due to the actor's (Rosanna DeSoto) mispronunciation of the intended word vavwI' my father. (2)

Other suffix types

Type Sort Suffixes
1 Size/Importance -'a', -Hom, -oy
2 Number -pu', Du', -mey
3 Qualification -Hey, -qoq, -na'
4 Possession/Specification -wIj, -lIj, -vam, -vetlh
5 Syntactic Markers -Daq, -vo', -mo', -vaD, -'e'

See also


1 : Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

2 : Explanation of Marc Okrand during qepHom Saarbrücken in October 2015

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