Type 2 noun suffixes

To indicate that there are more than one thing talked about, Type 2 noun suffixes are used. (1) These can only be attached to nouns.


Suffix meaning
-pu' plural for beings capable of using language
-Du' plural for body parts
-mey plural, general usage


Plural for beings capable of language

cha' tlhInganpu' - two Klingons

Plural for body parts

wej qamDu' - three feet

Plural for things

vagh Dujmey - five ships

The suffix -mey can be used with beings capable of language, but it has the meaning of all over the place: verenganmey - Ferengi all over the place

Using -mey with body parts is to be avoided unless one is skilled in the art of Klingon poetry. See jatmey scattered tongues.


If there is some other indication of plurality, such as a number, then the plural suffix is not required: cha' tlhIngan two Klingons, vagh Duj five ships.
This includes implied plurality in verb prefixes: tlhIngan maH We are Klingons, verengan DIlegh We see Ferengis. To indicate a single Ferengi, it would be verengan wIlegh.

Inherent plural

There are some nouns that have a plural meaning already, and therefore cannot take a plural suffix. (2)
translation singular plural
torpedoe peng cha
target DoS ray'
plate jengva' ngop
thrusters vIj chuyDaH

Such inherently plural nouns are grammatically singular and take the singular verb prefix: cha yIjun Evade the torpedoes! instead of tIjun evade them.
The plural suffix -mey can be attached to the singular form, but it always has the meaning of "all over the place": DoSmey targets scattered all over the place.

Other suffix types

Type Sort Suffixes
1 Size/Importance -'a', -Hom, -oy
2 Number -pu', Du', -mey
3 Qualification -Hey, -qoq, -na'
4 Possession/Specification -wIj, -lIj, -vam, -vetlh
5 Syntactic Markers -Daq, -vo', -mo', -vaD, -'e'

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1 : The Klingon Dictionary, chapter 3.3.2, p. 21

2 : The Klingon Dictionary, p. 23

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