Type 5 verb suffixes

Type 5 verb suffixes, indicating an indefinite subject or ability(1), can only be attached to verbs. They have nothing in common, except for being of the same suffix type. This means that they can never be used on the same verb.

Suffix meaning
-lu' indefinite subject
-laH can, able


Indefinite subject

Using the suffix -lu' on a verb indicates that the subject is not known, or not defined. In English, this is sometimes translated as "one does..." or using the passive voice. When using this suffix, the prefix turns around subject and object: Dalegh You see it becomes Daleghlu' Someone sees you or You are being seen.


The suffix -laH is easily translated as "can": DaleghlaH You can see it

Using both

It may occur sometimes that both suffixes are needed. Although not permitted, it is possible to say this as a slang expression, combining -lu' + -laH into -la' or -luH. (2)

See also

Type Sort Suffixes
1 Oneself/one another -chuq, -'egh
2 Volition/predisposition -nIS, -qang, -rup, -beH, -vIp
3 Change -choH, -qa'
4 Cause -moH
5 Indefinite subject/ability -lu', -laH
6 Qualification -chu', -bej, -ba', -law'
7 Aspect -pu', -ta', -taH, -lI'
8 Honorific -neS
9 Syntactic markers -DI', -chugh, -pa', -vIS, -mo', -bogh, -meH, -'a', -jaj, -wI', -ghach
R Rovers -Ha', -Qo', -be', -qu'


1 : The Klingon Dictionary p. 38

2 : Klingon for the Galactic Traveler

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