Uhura's reference works

During the Morska-scene in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, the crew of the Enterprise decided not to answer the Klingons using the universal translator, but use books to translate instead.

Visible books

Uhura with a book, scene from ST6
During that scene, there were about ten books visible: On the left, two crewmen are holding two binders and a book, Lieutenant Uhura hast two books on her lap plus one on the desk. Scotty is holding one, and two other crewmen next to him are also holding at least one book each.

Spoken Languages of the Klingon Empire

This is the book which Uhura was holding while she read her phrases. It was actually seen on screen, but was not part of the set of books sold during the Christie's auction.

Okrand's Unabridged Klingon Dictionary

The name "Okrand" on this book is in reference to the language creator Marc Okrand. This book is in form of a binder and was lying on a pile of books one the table which Scotty distributes them to the surrounding people. It remained there during the entire scene and was not actively used.

A Concise History of the Klingon Empire by G.L. Coon

This book carries the name "G.L. Coon" as author, which is a reference to Gene L. Coon, the producer of the original series. During the scene, Uhura is holding this book on her lap, and puts it away on the desk next to her.

"Trefoil book"

During the searching, Scotty lifts up a book that has a large red trefoil and some Klingon letters below it. He then reads the translation from it.


Uhura is holding a book on her lap, which reads the title "Klingon", but more is not visible.

Books sold at Christie's

The four books sold at Christies's
In the 40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection auction at Christie's, a set of four books was sold. These books had the lot number #777, and were entitled "UHURA'S KLINGON REFERENCE BOOKS". The winner paid USD 2,880 for the lot.(1)

The lot contained three heavy binders and one hardbound book. Two of them with meaningless Klingon letters on the cover, plus the two books entitled A Concise History of the Klingon Empire by G.L. Coon and Okrand's Unabridged Klingon Dictionary.


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