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Rant about verbs of motion

There is a major problem that we have many canon examples showing a use of verbs of motion, but Marc Okrand has explained in an interview that there is an optional way solve that. This is confusing for beginners and it is unclear which way is the "correct" way. Robyn Stewart is ranting about this at the KLI's Mailing list (1)

Qov's opinion

Marc, rut HughlIj vI'uchchoH vIneH.

In TKD, the most accessible work of canon for beginners, and the foundation of everything we know about Klingon, you clearly explained the use of jaH and –Daq with sentences like pa'Daq yIjaH Go to the room! You repeated this in CK with teplIj yIwoH 'ej pa'lIjDaq yIjaH, in PK with naDevvo' vaS'a'Daq majaHlaH'a'? and in TKW with may'Daq jaHDI' SuvwI' juppu'Daj lonbe'. It was perhaps the clearest, best documented canon use of a word we had.

And then in what may be the clearest, most expansive interview you have given, you threw that away, stating with unambiguous examples that "the prefix makes the difference in meaning. jI- means I'm moving along in someplace. vI- means I'm moving along to someplace."

So Marc, while I get that it's nice to be able to distinguish between locative and accusative, and understand that you don't want to be tied in 2014 to what you wrote about our language in 1987, how the f... am I supposed to tell beginners that they should say pa' vIjaH when you told them, in the only reference they own, to say pa'Daq jIjaH?

You did it again with chegh return. ghorgh pa'wIjDaq jIchegh? (PK) became lupDujHom vIchegh "I return to the shuttle."

I don't know wtf you were doing with CK: pa' jIyIt'a'.

And you, you reading this - because Marc isn't - if you interview Marc, and ask him a question without presenting him with a complete list of ways he has canonically used a word in the past, then you are guilty of this too. Is the reason we don't have more beginners learning this language that it has turned into an unknowable morass of bonkers redirection? No, it's because kids these days don't learn things from books. I'm desperately trying to address this, and becoming increasingly more desperate, as I survey what is out there as try to come up with something honest, simple and correct to tell these poor learners about how to use jaH. Or yIt. Or –Daq.

Also qurgh and Holtej haven't answered their e-mails lately, probably because I've been harassing them and I'm weathered into a tiny northern town and yuch vIneH. 'ej qen Hegh 'e'mamwI' 'a Hopmo' ghaH nol nablu'meH jIjeSlaHchu'be'mo' jImogh.

yuch vInejmeH Qe'Daq jIjaH ....err... Qe' vIjaH.

I'm really okay here, and I can't expect instant e-mail replies but if you happen to be in High Level, Alberta, I could use a hug.


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1 : http://www.kli.org/tlhIngan-Hol/2014/June/msg00094.html tlhIngan-Hol Archive: Mon Jun 09 20:00:34 2014

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