Victory song

The victory song refers to a song presented by a young Klingon named Toq in the TNG episode "Birthright (Part II)". The lyrics were written by Brannon Bragga. They can be found in the episode's script, which uses some kind of Okrand based spelling (with some mistakes) (1) and a music sheet from the production which shows a pronunciation guide based on the "list of useful expressions" at the end of TKD.(2)


Lyrics from the script

The young man explains the lyrics as follows. (Script directions from the script have been mostly removed): (3)
Tonight as we came home, we sang a song of victory - a song known to me only as a lullaby. But it is a warrior's song.

Bagh Da tuHmoh ... fire streaks the heavens. ChojaH Duh rHo ... battle has begun.

(starts singing.)

Bagh Da tuHmoh. ChojaH Duh rHo. ylja'Qo' ylja'Qo' ylja'Qo

At this point, the script differs from what is heard on screen. The words being sung on screen are not part of the script, which shows these two lines:
van'aj javDIch Qong DIr Sa'VIch
ghIH yot quelI'Pa qevas HoH Qa

Instead, you hear the following, which is only found in the music sheet (see below):
madaq, 'o Du'
jIDaq, maDu'
pa'Daq, cha' ba'
pu'Daq chu'qo'

The next lines are from the script again:
teblaw'nghu mughato'Du ylja'Qo
ylja'Qo! ylja'Qo!!

At this point, the screen fades out, but you can hear the beginning of the phrase from the script van'aj javDIch...

During the entire scene, the words written as ylja'Qo' in the script are pronounced as yaSa qe' 'o by everyone, obviously based on the music sheet which shows the letters "yah zha k'oh".

Lyrics from the music sheet

There exists a music sheet entitled "Klingon Aria from Birthright". According to that sheet, the music was composed by Jay Chattaway.

The following words can be read on the sheet, accompanied by musical notes. The capitalization is not consistent,sometimes ZH but also zh appears for the same word, there is ee but also EE, so it's not very clear what the author intended. Some vowels have macron (a straight bar), which is usually used to mark a long vowel. (4)

Lyrics comparison

Lyrics from music sheet Lyrics from script Corrected lyrics (suggestion) possible translation
bagh da too mōh Bagh Da tuHmoh bagh DaH tuHmoH ? now cause to be shamed
choh zha doo rōh ChojaH Duh rHo chojaH DuH ro' you come to me? the fist is possible
yah zha k'oh (3x) ylja'Qo' yIja'Qo' Don't tell it.
mazhdōk oh doo (not in script) maHDaq, 'oH DuH on us, it's possible
gee dōk mazh-oo (not in script) jIHDaq, maDu' on me, we ...?
pah dōk chabāh (not in script) pa'Daq, cha' ba' at the room, two sit
boo-rak chu kōh (not in script) bu' raQchu'Qo' he not manipulates the seargeant.
teb-law neh goo teblaw'nghu teblaw' ngu' Identify jurisdiction.
moo-gah-toh doo mughato'Du mughato' DuH possible Mugato (animal)
yah zha k'oh (3x) ylja'Qo' yIja'Qo' Don't tell it.
von azh jahv deech van'aj javDIch van 'aj javDIch The sixth admiral salutes.
kong deer sah veech Qong DIr Sa'VIch Qong DIr Sa'vIch the ... skin sleeps
gih yot quel-da ghIH yot quelI'Pa ghIH yot qelI'pa the invasion is sloppy before he considers it
ge-vah hokay qevas HoH Qa qevas HoHqa' He kills kevas again.
yah zha k'oh (3x) ylja'Qo' yIja'Qo' Don't tell it.

possible translation

The given translation of the phrases in the episode is not correct. It's not also possible to make up something, because most of the words are no words from the Dictionary.

DeCandido lyrics

In his novel IKS Gorkon: A Good Day to Die, Keith R. A. DeCandido has the lyrics as:
bagh Da tuH mogh;
chojaH Du'rHo.

majaq u'tugh
jIDaq majun
pa'Daq cha'baH
bu'raq tlhuQa'
tep lagh negh'uH
mughoto' tu'

il Troubadore version

The band il Troubadore has their version of the song on youtube

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