Klingon watches

At least three officially licensed Klingon watches have been produced over the years.

Klingon Chronometer

Timex released their Klingon Chronometer in 1994. It is a digital watch. It is notable in that it is labeled with actual Klingon text. tlhIngan, chu', mev, wIv, tlhaq, ghum, po, and pov all appear on the watch face. This is accompanied by decorative pIqaD. These words are also used in the instruction manual.

Official Klingon wristwatch

Fossil released their Official Klingon wristwatch in 1996 and is authorized by the Klingon Empire It is an analog watch. It has decorative pIqaD around the face and the Klingon trefoil on the face. It came in a collector's tin and with an "authentic Klingon warrior pin" which also has decorative pIqaD as well as a Certificate of Authenticity which also includes decorative pIqaD. Only 15,000 were produced and each was individually numbered.

Franklin Mint Pocket watch

The Franklin Mint released a pocket watch in 2000. It is an analog watch. The watch face has the numerals 12, 3, 6, and 9 in pIqaD.

Klingon d'k tahg Watch

A watch face for wear OS and Tizen is available for download on facer.io It is an analog style face with both pIqaD and romanized Klingon for each of the numbers. The face was created by the Klingon Language Institute by Matthew T. Smith with help from Jeremy Cowan, Jeffrey C. Larson, Alan Anderson and David Waddell.

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