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Every so often a webcomic uses klingon as part of a joke or punchline.

  • 1999: In the geek comic GPF ("General Protection Fault" one of the characters starts speaking klingon because someone changed all his computer sounds to klingon operas.(1) The sentence tlhab 'oS 'Iw HoHwI' So' batlh is the winning entry of the Wordplay contest from HolQeD. Literally it means "Blood represents freedom; honor hides the killer." .
  • 2003: In Something Positive one of the participants of a Gaming Con talks klingon (2) He says joH'a' 'oH wIj DevwI' jIH DIchDaq Hutlh pagh. The grammar is rather confusing, it might be supposed to mean "My leader is my master" or "God is my leader", followed by "Nothing lacks in my assurance."
  • 2004: Unshelved shows a librarian being berated by a mother because of his klingon story telling: That's "Three billy GOATS". "*QeH*" not "K'eH"! qoH!. (3)
  • 2007: In Unshelved two klingons ask for the latest book by Jackie Collins, one of them calls paq, 'oH QaQ! (4)
  • 2010: In The Whiteboard a klingon sentence is used as an example for a scenario fight (in paintball) done right. (5) The character is saying Heghjaj Harbe'wI'pu' - "May the unbelievers die!".


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