How What time is it?

There are different options to ask What time is it? in klingon (1).

Asking for the time

Klingon English Notes
rep yI計er! Specify the hour!
'ar衍ogh Qoy衍u'計u'? How often was it heard? Similar to How often did the bell ring?


Asking for the time of departure:
ma衫ej胖I' 'ar衍ogh Qoy衍u'計u'? When we depart, how often was it heard?


As an answer you tell the number displayed on a digital watch using 24-hours-mode and then add rep hour (2)
Klingon Translation English
jav赳atlh rep 500 hours 5 a.m.
wa'maH Hut赳atlh rep 1900 hours 7 p.m.

Time right now

In the following, there is an example of displaying the time. It is updated automatically (JavaScript has to be enabled):

Question: rep yI計er! or 'ar衍ogh Qoy衍u'計u'?
literally: 04 hundred 05 hours

See also


1 : HolQeD v8n1

2 : Conversational Klingon

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