How What time is it?

There are different options to ask What time is it? in klingon (1).

Asking for the time

Klingon English Notes
rep yI­per! Specify the hour!
'ar­logh Qoy­lu'­pu'? How often was it heard? Similar to How often did the bell ring?


Asking for the time of departure:
ma­mej­DI' 'ar­logh Qoy­lu'­pu'? When we depart, how often was it heard?


As an answer you tell the number displayed on a digital watch using 24-hours-mode and then add rep hour (2)
Klingon Translation English
jav­vatlh rep 500 hours 5 a.m.
wa'maH Hut­vatlh rep 1900 hours 7 p.m.

Time right now

In the following, there is an example of displaying the time. It is updated automatically (JavaScript has to be enabled):

Question: rep yI­per! or 'ar­logh Qoy­lu'­pu'?
literally: 13 hundred 30 hours

See also


1 : HolQeD v8n1

2 : Conversational Klingon

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