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Why Klingon is perfect

A Klingonist describes why Klingon is perfect as a conlang. Not "why it is perfect according to his opinion" but rather "why it is perfect. period."

He sums up the following reasons:

1. Because it can not be translated by a non-Klingonist. I don't think that a non-Klingonist could just fire up whatever app, and just read anything that might be written in Klingon. Unless someone puts in the effort of actually learning Klingon, he cannot translate a Klingon text. End of story.

2. Because a non-Kilngonist cannot even read it.

3. Because it has a vocabulary of only 2700 words approximately (give or take, depending on what someone would consider a word); This means that someone who wishes to learn, has actually a shot at managing to learn the entire vocabulary. If it had a vocabulary of 10.000 words, who would be able to learn them all?

4. Because the vocabulary of Klingon is actually a vocabulary that consists of words one can use in everyday discussion; If we exclude words as DarSeq or to use the (whatever) toe almost every word of the vocabulary can be used in everyday discussions. This is definitely not the case with conlangs such as Vulcan, which have an enormous database of words (in Vulcan's case scientific), still of no use to everyday needs.

5. Because with only 2700 words, one can say almost anything he needs in every speech.

6. Because one has the actual choice, of choosing whether to write in pIqaD or English characters.

7. Because pIqaD can actually be written by hand, in contrast to other conlangs' characters which are extremely difficult - even impossible - to write by hand.

8. Because with relatively few pages of grammar, one can express almost anything he desires.

9. Because it doesn't burder the mind of the student Klingonist with having to remember details that aren't needed, in order to express himself. For example, why would I need to concern myself with tenses, when I can just use a time stamp and express exactly the same meaning?

10. Because it has a single authority (Marc Okrand) who decides what is right and what is wrong. In this way the entire community can have set rules, thus being able to communicate with one another through the use of Klingon, which is the ultimate goal of every language.

11. Because with the use of prefixes and suffixes we can express a lot, without having to actually write a lot. Even the ancient Spartans (the closest equivalent to Klingons) hated the use of many and unnecessary words.

12. Because it can be spoken in an either aggressive or mild (Azetbur's speech) way.

I know that any other conlang-ist would have a lot to say in order to defend his own, chosen conlang. So, the final reason why Klingon is perfect, is rather simple:

13. jIjatlhmo' pup tlhIngan Hol!


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