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wikiHow is a social platform to upload and retrieve instructions. There is also a small Klingon course on this platform in English with the Titel "How to Speak Klingon", which is written by 14 authors(1).


The article explains the pronunciation of individual letters first, followed by some exclamations and simple sentences. It concludes with a table containing often used phrases. Everything is supported with pictures in comic style.

Analysis of content

The content is without mistakes most of the time, but it's obvious that multiple authors with different knowledge in Klingon participated. At some points, there are mistakes not happening at other points. Some points indicate a wrong error correction or the usage of a Bing translation. Strangely some texts in the pictures contain additional L characters, for example in "Kinglon Flont"; despite that, in the text below the pictures the correct text is shown - apparently someone corrected the text, but didn't the same with the pictures.

A list of the mistakes:

Erroneous text Correct version English translation Note
nuqDaq 'oH puchpae' nuqDaq 'oH puchpa''e' Where is the toilet? Correct in the table at the end
'ar Qu' cost 'oH? 'ar jIDIlnIS How much does it cost? Typical Bing translation. There is no word for cost in Klingon, so you would ask for example: "How much do I have to pay?", like in the "correct version" column.
qaparHa' qu' see I love you. I love you. qaparHa' means something like I like you, the qu' doesn't make sense in this form.
Hegh qeq! yIHeghrup! Prepare to die! The text means: The military drill dies.
Hab SoSli' Quch Hab SoSlI' Quch Your mother has a smooth forehead.  
Qel Nls Qel vISuchnIS I need a doctor. The correct version is translated literally I have to visit a doctor.
Iw Hlq neH 'Iw HIq vIneH I want bloodwine.  
Ghobe' ghobe' No.  
qoSlij Dativjaj qoSlIj DatIvjaj May you enjoy your birthday!  


1 : Page with the article, retrieved 5th of July 2016


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