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Klingon Wine

Klingon wine bottle

Label of Klingon wine
The company Best Coast Wine from San Miguel, Kalifornien, has produced a Klingon wine with a license of CBS-Studios in 2012. (1). According to the label, (2) the wine is a blend made of three kinds of wine. The wine contains fruit aromas, spices and vanilla (3).

Klingon language

The front of the bottle has no words at all and simply shows a trefoil.

The label on the back shows the phrase yIlop! wa'leS chaq maHegh! (Celebrate! Tomorrow we may die.), a quote from Okrands second book The Klingon Way. The klingon letters in the background show the word 'Iw HIq blood wine. The text uses the words tlhIngan 'Iw HIq, klingon blood wine.


The wine is registered at the US trademark office with the word "Klingon"(4).


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