The story behind the word woj

Why does the word woj have two different meanings?

In HolQeD volume 1, number 3, a list of new vocabulary from Marc Okrand was printed. Among these new words were "sterilize" Say'qu'moH, and directly after that, "radiation" woj. "Radiation" also appeared as woj in the addendum of The Klingon Dictionary.

At an early qep'a', William Martin (aka charghwI') had compiled a relatively complete list of vocabulary that he had called the Annotated Klingon Dictionary (AKD), since he had noted the source for each word. Unlike TKD, it had all the words in one sorted list for each language (English and Klingon) and included words we had gotten from canon sources other than TKD, like HolQeD volume 1, number 3. Unfortunately, AKD mistakenly listed woj as "sterilize". William Martin had jumped from one line to another while transferring the entry from the HolQeD article into AKD.

Martin had made copies of AKD for friends at the qep'a'. Marc Okrand attended the qep'a' and noticed people looking up words in this little booklet and asked to see it. While looking it over, he asked if he could have one, noting that he did not, himself, have a single list of all Klingon words. Instead, he had lots of pieces of paper with words written on them; a bit less organized. Martin gave him a copy of his word list.

Later, when Klingon For The Galactic Traveler was published, the word woj appeared in the word list at the back of the book, with the definition "sterilize (v)".

It seems likely that Okrand propagated William Martin's mistake into the word list in KGT, thus making the definition of "sterilize" for woj official. Martin likes to believe that Okrand noticed the mistake and put it into KGT intentionally.

He offers two points of evidence for this. First, KGT's word list where woj is listed as "radiation" is, unlike the word list in TKD, without errors... except bachHa', the first word, almost certainly an intentional "error". In this carefully edited word list, it is unlikely that woj was an accident.

Secondly, as demonstrated in the story of 'I', Okrand likes the power he has to declare an accident canon.

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