Worlds of Translation

The project Worlds of Translation (abbreviated WoT or WOT) started in october 2004. The Klingon Language Institute has purchased the rights to publish translations of a number of Hugo Award-winning short stories. (1) These translations will appear in a collection of works. Unlike previous translation projects such as Hamlet and ghIlghameS, the Worlds of Translation collection will not include accompanying English text.

A few of the WoT translators met at the February 2006 yotna' to discuss quirks and snags. For instance, it was decided that if a translation requires a "borrowed" English word, one should use a footnote to explain it.

List of stories

Title Author Klingon title Translator Progress
Graves Joe Haldeman QaDwI' Lieven L. Litaer 99 %
The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas Ursula K. LeGuin - Alan Anderson ?

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1 : announcement in HolQeD 13:2, p. 14

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