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The card presented on instagram
The term Wortschatzkarte (German for "vocabulary card") refers to a series of postal cards designed by daniels*cards. On each of those cards, an unusual word taken from over 30 languages is taken and explained in one phrase. One of the cards is written in Klingon. (1) There is only one Klingon card in their series.

On May 08, 2017, The Landesmuseum Hannover had announced having those cards, and displayed the Klingon card, on their Instagram account (2)


The only existing card shows the word "P'takh" and four klingon characters on its side in Mandel-Script (which means no pIqaD). Following Mandel's table, those characters mean PTAN, but by using the KLI's computer font file called "KLIPIqaDmey", we get ptaq. The klingon spelling for this insult is petaQ.

In the line below the card shows "Klingon, interjection" and in the third line "generic, universal insult". This is all correct, but the chosing of words sounds overblown.


1 : (de) Wortschatzkarten on the homepage of daniels*cards, retrieved on May 30, 2017

2 : Foto on Instagram, by user @landesmuseum-hannover


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