Write it! Klingon

Write it! Klingon is both an Android-app(1) and a website(2) for learning pIqaD. It is developped by the company Jernung(3) from Wisconsin, USA. The company is a start-up, consisting, by their account, only of a developer and a designer, who intend to create high-quality tutoring software.

Write it! is available in 11 more languages apart from klingon.(4).

The website version is kept rather simple: You choose a letter you want to learn. The program shows in an animation which stroke you have to do next - both form and direction are shown. The order of strokes has been determined in collaboration with the KLI and Lieven Litaer, after a previous version used an unnatural way of writing.

The android version has both write and reading modes, both of which split letters and numbers into groups of five. The user may learn to read or write a whole group at a time. Once a group has been completed with a good enough result, a new group will be suggested.

Write it! Klingon doesn't contain any apparent mistakes, thus it is well suited for learning the klingon writing system.

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