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Zooz recruitment campaign

In August 2015, a financial tech firm from Isreal named Zooz started a recruitment campaign using the Klingon language to get the attention of engineers and programmers. (1) They have distributed posters and flyers throughout the Tel Aviv area looking like a boarding pass, but entirely written in Klingon letters, known as pIqaD. This card leads to a website with a tiny quiz with expert questions about programming. If the quiz is succeeded, the user can win a T-shirt with his name in Klingon, i.e. written in pIqaD.

Klingon Alphabet analysis

Throughout the entire project - website, invitation, T-Shirt - the use of the Klingon writing system (pIqaD) is incorrect, due to false mapping of the letters. For instance, the letters ng and gh are considered as one letter in Klingon. So the word pong name should be written with three symbols: p-o-ng. The T-shirt shows four symbols: p-o-n-gh. This happens with all words of this kind: During the quiz lugh (to be correct) is written l-u-gh-H, cha'DIch is written ch-H-a-'-D-I-ch-H etc.

After the Quiz went offline at th end of August, there is a screen saying qatlho' Thank you, but it's also written using the wrong letters: q-a-t-l-H-o-' (instead of q-a-tlh-o-').

Read more about the Klingon alphabet.

Translation Analysis

It is most likely that Bing has been used to do the translation here.

Boarding pass - main section

recruitment flyer
The flyer which looks like a boarding pass of an airplane shows the following words, top to bottom, left to right:

  • toqDuj, misspelled for toQDuj Bird of Prey
  • raqpo', misspelled for raQpo' passenger
    ngHoq SuvI', misspelled for ngoq SuvwI' code warrior
  • ghHrchH, misspelled for ghoch destination
    QS may be an abreviation of Qo'noS, the name of the Klingon homeworld Kronos.
    loghH, misspelled for logh space
  • poH time
    29 11 2015 (a date)
  • vItIj I board it
    21:38 (a time)
  • 'entepray' Enterprise
    2153 (note: this was the year of the last episode of the TV series Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • lojmIt gate
    A 34
  • lan using the verb place, put down meaning "seat"
    B 56
  • www.b-o-p.chom The ending should mean "com", but the actual website is (without www). "b-o-p" may be an abbreviation of Bird of Prey

Boarding pass - right section

The right section repeats all the words from the left; here's the corrected version, again from top to bottom:
  • raQpo' passenger
  • ngoq SuvwI'
  • QS -> logh

Quiz website

The "Game Rules" page incorrectly uses the verb yu' meaning questions. The phrase "20 seconds each" is translated as cha'DIch, which means "second" only in the sense of "first, second, third" etc. The word for the second (of time) is lup.

Answer responses are correct with lugh (be correct) and muj (be wrong).

The "Time's up" message shows the letters prm. Probably a misspelling of pum, r resembles u somehow. The word pum means to fall and is used in an idiomatic expression pumDI', meaning by that time. Perhabs that's the origin of that word.

When you've lost the game, a T-Shirt is shown saying "YOU LOSE" in english, followed with Klingon letters saying vI quj. Since all major Q are written as q, this is most likely a misspelling for vIQuj I played it.

Sample T-Shirt

recruitment flyer
The sample T-Shirt shows a large trefoil and the phrase lIj pongh. The word order is incorrect, since -lIj is a suffix which should be attached to the noun: ponglIj.

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1 : Times of Israel, by David Shamah, 12 August 2015

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