Zrajm ÷qvist

Zrajm (with the Klingonska Akademien logo in the background) in August 2010

Zrajm ÷qvist (formerly BiŲrn X ÷qvist, Klingon name maHvatlh) is a Klingonist living in Uppsala, Sweden. He has studied Klingon since 1996 and founded Klingonska Akademien ('upSala tlhIngan Hol yej'an) in 1998. He has also created other ambitious projects:

Zrajm has visited several qep'a'mey and attended the qepHom in Germany twice, in 2011 and 2015. He has also taught and lectured on Klingon at various occasions, most prominent of which is probably a guest lecture on Klingon at Uppsala University (November 2013), and a one week course at Medborgarskolan ("Citizen's School") in Stockholm (November 2010). Other than that he's also appeared to talk about/teach Klingon at various science fiction events in Sweden, and occasionally on radio or TV.


"÷qvist" begins with "Ų" -- that's the last letter of the Swedish Alphabet, which looks like an "o" with two dots above it, in case it is not correctly presented here. Most browsers should understand, but you never know.

Klingon words used in this article

Klingon English more
maHvatlh Mak'vatz This non-canon Klingon Name is a play on the -maH and -vatlh number suffixes, and the fact that zrajm has used both X and C as middle initials during his life.
'upSala Uppsala (city in Sweden) This transliteration is not canon
tlhIngan Hol Klingon language Noun
yej'an institute, organization Noun

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