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Showing all known groups that can be used to define access controls in KlingonWiki.

Group name

Note: A group name must be a WikiWord and must end in ...Group. New topics are based on GroupTemplate


Comma separated list. You will be added to the group automatically to allow you to continue to manage the new group.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Think twice before restricting write access to a web or a topic, because an open system where everybody can contribute is the essence of WikiCulture. Experience shows that unrestricted write access works very well because:
  • There is enough peer pressure to post only appropriate content.
  • Content does not get lost because topics are under revision control.
  • A topic revision can be undone by a member of the AdminGroup if necesssary.

Related topics: AccessControl, WebPreferences, WikiUsers, WikiCulture

ALERT! If a large number of groups are configured, the rendering performance of this page can be significantly improved by disabling group maintenance from this page. Edit this topic for more information.

Group Members Actions
AdminGroup AdminUser, Main.Snake, WikiAdmin
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BaseGroup AdminUser, WikiGuest, UnknownUser, ProjectContributor, RegistrationAgent
System user list.
AntiWikiSpamBypassGroup No members
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This group should not have members.
RenegadeGroup KlingonTeacher, Main.Snake, IneS, HaraldKrech, MartinaGoldenberg, EkkiGehm, NicoleEisenblaetter, TanjaWalburgonHenze
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UserDeGroup ChristineBCKER, DirkSchlSser, EkkiGehm, HaraldKrech, IneS, JulianZeller, KevinKragenbrink, KlingKlong, KlingonTeacher, MarcZankl, MarioH, MarioHelmholz, MartinaGoldenberg, MichaelMeier, NicoleEisenblaetter, PhilipNewton, RejutkaLupex, SabineP, SaghwI, Main.Snake, TamRa, WikiAdmin
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UserEnGroup AlanAnderson, AlbertoGorin, AlexGreene, AndrewMiller, AnthonyAppleyard, BahasaInggris, BradWilson, BrianDeSoto, BryanSaidMoreno, CarlNieckarz, ChristaW, ChristTrekker, ColinClyde, DanielMorse, DarcyLindsay, DarqunSturminyt, De7vID, DianaCascioli, EvaOlsson, FelixMalmenbeck, FluorVIlur, FrenchTranslator, JoelAnderson, JohnHarness, MichaelKunin, PaulMoldovanos, QNalKuest, TedRoff, TimHaggerty, Main.George, InFo, JeffreyKuntzelman, JeremyCowan, KlingKlong, KlingonTeacher, LannieLandale, LeonardEllis, LeSang, LollyCunningham, LordVamPyr, MarcoCiampa, MarkMandel, MediotListo, MichaelRoney, MobileUser, MrCamoga, MrKlingon, NikolaTosic, QeS, QurghLungqIj, RachwIGhojmoHwI, RagooLaman, SabineP, SaghwI, SenerBalci, ShawnSteele, SinanGul, SpecialK, StanHaimes, StevenLytle, SuStel, TedRolleJr, TerryDonnelly, TheLanguageMan, VIqtoH, WikiAdmin, ZrajmMononymous
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UserNLGroup ChristaW, Main.George
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