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predict, prognosticate

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word type: verb, TKD chapter 4.
transitivity: This verb can take an object: vay' vI'aq.


qep'a' 2017
See new words released at qep'a' 24

Canon examples

SIS 'e' vI'aq
I predict that it will rain (qep'a' 2017)

SIS 'e' 'aqlu'
It is predicted that it will rain (qep'a' 2017)

SIS 'e' 'aqlu'bej
It is predicted with certainty that it will rain (qep'a' 2017)

SISbe' 'e' 'aqlu'bej
It is predicted with certainty that it will not rain (qep'a' 2017)

SIS 'e' 'aqlu'law'
It would appear that will rain (qep'a' 2017)

ghaytan SIS 'e' 'aqlu'
It's likely that it will rain (qep'a' 2017)

SIS 'e' 'aqlu'; javmaH vatlhvI' DIch
It is predicted that it will rain; 60% certainty. (qep'a' 2017)

More Information

This kind of predicting is based on scientific research. To predict something from a feeling, see ghut. For a prediction which is fraudulent or suspected to be fraudulent, see qut.

When talking about the weather, phrases are usually constructed with 'e', but using net is not incorrect. (confirmed by Marc Okrand in a message to ChrisLipscombe, see qep'a' 2017)

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