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Pronominal prefixes

subject none me you him/her/it us you(pl) them
I jI- DONE qa- vI- ALERT! Sa- vI-
you bI- cho- DONE Da- ju- ALERT! Da-
he/she/it 0 mu- Du- 0 nu- lI- 0
we ma- ALERT! pI- wI- DONE re- DI-
you(pl) Su- tu- ALERT! bo- che- DONE bo-
they 0 mu- nI- lu- nu- lI- 0

Imperative prefixes

There is also a set of verb prefixes for imperative (command) statements. It is only possible in Klingon to command you (single or plural), as HIqIp (you) Hit me! or peQong (you all) Sleep!. It is not possible to say Let's go! as a command to us using an imperative verb prefix.

subject none me you him/her/it us you(pl) them
you yI- HI- DONE yI- gho- ALERT! tI-
you(pl) pe- HI- ALERT! yI- gho- DONE tI-

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remember the swap of q > k and ' > - as in qa' = ka- and Daq = Dak

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