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Please read this guide carefully before editing.

This section is intended to be a dictionary part explaning the meaning and usage of a word. It is not to be used as a lookup tool, it's more a definitions archive to explain the details of a word, especially when it's unclearly defined in its first place.

Here's some example pages: Qo'noS, mey, tlhIngan
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Editors guide

What this IS:

  • Each page shall explain the usage of a word. Especially if the word is not clearly defined, one can add canon additions and explanations.

What this is NOT:

  • This is NOT intended to be a dictionary, that's why there is no English to Klingon section intended.

Basic rules

  • Page names are always the Klingon word, like tlhIngan
  • Do not make pages for sentences. This is only a WORD list. Only if a combination like tlhIngan Hol has its own meaning ("Klingon") it should get its own entry.
  • Compound nouns can get their own page.
  • Words like SuvwI' should be linked as one word, not separated into two separate links like Suv-wI'.
  • Always separate clear canon definitions from personal interpretations or suggestions.
  • Always add the canon source as detailed as possible. "TKD p. 172" is better than "TKD" only.
  • When referencing TKD or KGT, use the K-E part of the dictionary.
  • Keep information and definitions as short as possible. Long stories explaining the origin belong into the main body part.

Technical notes

Capitalization problem

Due to technical reasons which cannot be fixed due to the nature of this software, page names ALWAYS start with an upper case. That's not only silly with words like TlhIngan or MoH but causes problems with words starting with q or Q. Also, apostrophes can not be used in page names. As a solution for that problem, the following replacements are used: q k and ' - When using replaced letters, they must be hidden in the link: [[Kok][qoq]]

word topic name link code
qalmuS KalmuS [[KalmuS][qalmuS]]
QongDaq QongDak [[QongDak][QongDak]]
'unwat -unwat [[-unwat]['unwat]]
qoq Kok [[Kok][qoq]]

Using DataForms

In the main wiki, DataForms are only secondary parts only displaying other languages of a page. In this definitions part of the wiki, EVERYTHING is written only in the DataForms, so one needs to know a few things about these.

  • for a word that has 1 definition, use Word_1_DefinitionForm
  • for a word that has 2 definitions, use Word_2_DefinitionsForm
  • for a word that has 3 definitions, use Word_3_DefinitionsForm
  • for a word that has 4 definitions, use Word_4_DefinitionsForm
It's no problem to replace them later.

Technical restrictions

  • You cannot use quotes, as in "this". If needed, they must be escaped: \"this\"
  • Wiki markup can be used, but may not work as the intitial or final symbol in the box. This can be avoided by adding a space before and after it, or by using HTML-markup.

Permitted Macros

For the above mentoned technical restrictions, it is possible that some macros do not function, since they contain quotes that may ruin the entire page. The following macros will work properly in this section of the wiki:
  • sources: %TKD%, %KGT%, %TKW%, %PK%, %CK%
  • movies: %ST1%, %ST2% etc.
  • TV shows: %TNG%, %DSN% etc.
  • break: %BR%
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Read this first
see example page

remember the swap of q > k and ' > - as in qa' = ka- and Daq = Dak

1. noun 2. verb 3. others

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