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pIqaD Word Definition
zoyznaq 'oy'naQ painstick
woj cohwiz woj choHwI' reactor
vesduj veSDuj warship
rizsez rI'Se' hailing frequency
riz rI' hail
morg morgh unit of area (27 sq uj)
van van salute, tribute
lurg lurgh direction (spatial)
dahjaj DaHjaj today
dod DoD mark (in coordinates)
cuzwiz chu'wI' trigger
yah yaH duty station, station
yoh yoH be brave
geg ghegh be rough
qaz Qa' type of animal
hakwiz HaqwI' surgeon
haktaj Haqtaj scalpel
gezzor ghe''or netherworld (where dishonored go)
mekbaz meqba' type of legal proceeding
lifwiz lIngwI' generator
lazzaz la''a' commandant
lazkuv la'quv Supreme Commander
lupdujhom lupDujHom shuttlecraft
kuvmoh quvmoH dishonor
kuv quv honor
pezvil pe'vIl forcefully, by force
peq peQ magnetism
nejwiz nejwI' probe
nadhazgac naDHa'ghach discommendation
nadhaz naDHa' discommend, disapprove
qiztomer QI'tomer Khitomer
sonciy SonchIy death ritual (for a leader)
sibiz SIbI' immediately
rustay ruStay bonding ritual
qiztuz QI'tu' Paradise
zox 'otlh photon
zevnag 'evnagh subspace
zaj 'aj admiral
zah 'aH paraphernalia
wuk wuq decide upon
veh tin veH tIn Great Barrier
verefan verengan Ferengi
zec 'ech brigadier
beq beQ be flat
bij bIj punishment
cov chov assess, evaluate
coz cho' succession
max matlh Maltz
lag lagh ensign
boqwiz boQwI' assistant

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remember the swap of q > k and ' > - as in qa' = ka- and Daq = Dak

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